Leadership Development Workshops for Emerging & Senior Leaders


Our Group Coaching Workshops focus on developing the core business & leadership skills emerging & senior leaders need to succeed in their role, and beyond. 

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90% of business & HR leaders think their managers don't have the skills they need to succeed in their role.

-Bersin by Deloitte, 2017

Group coaching can improve leadership skills by up to 22%. Combined with 1-on-1
coaching, it jumps up to 77%.

-Fortune Magazine, 2016

Ace-Up Management Series

From Expert to People Leader

Thursday, January 24th, From 4 to 7 pm | GSVlabs Boston

The Ace-Up Management Series is designed to help managers at all levels hone skills, grow confidence, and develop habits to succeed in their roles.

You’re an expert in what you do. You’re the go-to person in your area at your company — published, acknowledged, and rewarded. But managing others can be a real challenge, especially when you don't have prior experience and didn't have the chance to get training, and you may not be having the impact you want. Stymied by systems you didn’t create, you would like to learn the best managerial practices to empower you as a leader. You believe you should be able to make a bigger impact, and that means stepping into a bigger leadership role. This is new territory. At this workshop, we will clarify leadership strengths you may not be fully aware of and use them to strategize a path forward so that you can become a confident, authentic leader.

PCC Executive & Leadership Coach James Lopata has over 20 years of executive management experience across multiple industries: finance, high-tech, biotech, healthcare, academia, entrepreneurship, and others. During this group workshop, James will empower you with the same lessons he teaches to his high-profile clients at Tesla, GE, IBM, Bank of America, Capital One, MIT, Harvard University, The City of Boston, and some of the world’s most promising startups. He will share fast, easy-to-remember tools to ensure managerial success with a long-term positive impact on both your life and career.

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Join us for one of our group coaching workshops at GSVlabs in Downtown Crossing, Boston, where our coaches deliver transformative and interactive learning experiences. Attendees will discover how coaching can help develop the skills and personal habits needed to be a better, more confident leader


Interested in offering Ace-Up's most popular Workshops to your team?

Choose from the list below, or contact us to customize a workshop that fits your team's needs.

Effective Communication, Presence & Influence

Executive Presence is about empowering your organization and influencing behaviors to adopt best-practices. You may have the best idea and a great team, but landing your pitch or presentation and grabbing the interest of your audience takes a very different skill set. This workshop will help you develop your presence and communciation skills to create an immediate impact. It will give you the most important, foundational tools for a lifetime. This program is designed for those looking to become organizational and people leaders. 

New Manager | From Contributor to People Leader

Fast-growing organizations rely more and more on experts: Engineers, Developers, and Intrapreneurs. These experts are often promoted to management roles because of their results as individual contributors, but have no previsous managerial experience. Because of this, disengagement, turnover, and conflicts arise in these organizations. This workshop is designed to assist those who are making the leap from being an expert in the corporate environment to managing and leading others.

Sales Management & Tactics

Long-term success in Sales and Customer Success takes great planning, aggressive goal-setting, and highly-effective teamwork. The objective of this workshop is to teach you how to boost lead generation, conversion, and retention. Our experts will take your sales and customer success team to the next level. We bring in accountability and support, with ongoing assessment and evaluation, and make sure to celebrate the successes that happen. We help sales and customer success professionals design and execute the strategies and tactics required to meet specific organization’s sales and customer goals.

Managing Conflicts & Difficult Conversations

In every organization, a conflict can spark between individuals, managers, and departments. Not handling difficult conversations properly can profundly affect your ability to collaborate with others and damage the entire organization. This workshop will teach you a complete framework to build resilience and navigate difficult conversations with employees, peers, and even your managers. As a result, you will feel empowered and develop a stronger ability to directly confront situations, while maintaining successful working and personal relationships.

What Our Clients Say!

Full-Day Workshop @Mass Medical Group

“We hired Ace-Up to come to Mass Medical Group and run a full-day training on Presentation Skills & Public Speaking. It was a huge success! The group was made up of 6 doctors observing abroad at Tufts Medical Center, and they all needed coaching on how to present their findings in a more effective and impactful manner. Our Ace-Up Coach James did an amazing job helping them push their limits and deliver great presentations. Ace-Up has an excellent network of coaches and we'll continue to use their services to train our partners."

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Jun Liu
Learning & Development Manager
Mass Medical International Corp

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