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New Coach Application

Thank you for your interest in AceUp. We wouldn’t be where we are without amazing coaches like you! We're building the premier platform for the coaching industry, with one of the best curated networks of highly-experienced and credentialed coaches. In order to provide our clients with the best coaching experience, AceUp has developed a Four-Step Vetting Process™ for our coach applications. We appreciate your time and energy throughout this process. 

Step 1: We assess a coach’s professional and personal experience, paying particular attention to the types of goals you’ve helped clients pursue and which industries you’ve been working with.

Step 2: We evaluate a coach’s academic credentials and coaching certifications.

Step 3: We look at your past client reviews, satisfaction ratings, and references.

Step 4: We conduct a one-on-one interview to learn more about your coaching methodology and style. 

Upon successful completion of our vetting process, coaches are able to create a profile on our platform for FREE. AceUp does not charge any onboarding or maintenance fees. In AceUp's B2B model, we engage first with companies that then give access to their employees. Each employee then completes an assessment that is used to provide them with recommended coach matches. New coachees are then able to have 30-min complimentary consultations with their recommended coaches to select the best fit. While we expect every coach on our platform to receive new business from our customers and actively work with them to ensure they are maximizing their pairing consultation calls, we cannot guarantee any number of new clients.

Being part of the AceUp network will give you the opportunity to connect with high-profile individuals, work with Fortune 500 companies, and benefit from the great development resources we provide to all AceUp coaches on an ongoing basis. Through our partnership with the largest and most prestigious academic research institution focused exclusively on the science of coaching, the Harvard Institute of Coaching, AceUp regularly provides our coaches with the latest and most rigorously reviewed research on coaching in the industry.

If you are interested in joining the AceUp coach network, please start your application by completing this form.


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Who are we

Who Are We?

AceUp is the premier solution for scalable one-on-one executive coaching. We are proud to have the top network of executive coaches in the country: 90% of our coaches have an MBA/PhD and at least ten years of executive management experience at a Fortune 500 company. All of our coaches are certified by:

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Our Customers: