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Unconscious Bias Replay



Unconscious Bias in the Age of COVID-19

Why it Matters More Than Ever & What You Should Be Doing About It

We'll cover:

  • What is Systemic Exclusion
  • 4 Kinds of Unconscious Bias
  • How it Shows Up
  • How to Transform it for Good

Unconscious bias can derail success in the best of times. In a time of crisis when so much is in flux, ignoring and dismissing a variety of voices and experiences can lead to dire outcomes. Conversely, when diversity and inclusion is engaged and amplified, new terrain can open up that creates exponentially greater success. In this webinar we'll talk about what you may not know you’re doing poorly and how you can transform it to wider success.

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James Lopata is a PCC and ICF Certified Coach Supervisor with more than 20 years of Executive Management and Business Coaching experience across multiple industries. James is President of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce, an award-winning writer published in Forbes and The New York Times, and his clients include companies such as: IBM, Facebook, Tesla, GE Healthcare, Sanofi, Ginkgo Bioworks, LovePop, Localytics and more.

Who are we

Who Are We?

For companies that want to maximize their employee engagement, increase retention, and foster performance through a culture of transformational learning, AceUp delivers personalized executive coaching to empower professionals to maximize their impact. AceUp’s coaching is enabled by technology and backed by data. All of our coaches are certified by:

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